Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hour 25

24 Hour Comics Day: it is fun.

No, I'm not the shining golden god of the minifridge, I'm the guy with the navy blue shirt and nametag on the couch.

Yes, there's a reason why my workspace is covered with Archie comics. You will see why when I post my comic.

We held our marathon in Isabella's Chocolate Cafe in scenic downtown Oshawa. The owner graciously agreed to stay open all night, which necessitated starting at 10 am instead of noon.

As it happened, though, we were all gone by 4 am. Well, I assume we were. As of 3:30, when Mike and I left, there was still one person there--that would be Tom Savage, the guy on the far right, who was also the first to finish 24 pages, and was going for 30. In fact, Tom and I may be the only ones to have actually finished 24 pages at all--I won't know for sure until we compare notes. I assume most of the others are still in bed...

But as you may have derived from the above, yes, I finished 24 pages! Technically, I didn't finish inking the whole thing, so maybe I'm jumping the gun, but still, I consider that to be a real accomplishment (last year I got up to around page 13).

The whole experience was an incredible amount of fun. 24HCD really does need to be experienced as a group, in a communal location. I suspect it would have been even more exciting if this had been the first year and we'd been part of the whole worldwide comics jam--the main 24HCD site seems to have splintered off into a whole bunch of different blogs rather than a centralized site--but still, it was a hell of an experience. I suspect this is my first and last 24 Hour Comic, but I'll happily come down to future gatherings and participate in the vibe. It really is a great celebration of comics--maybe we should change the name to "Worldwide Comics Day".

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