Friday, December 4, 2009


Look at the awesomeness! I got this piece of Lemuria fanart from one Steph Cherrywell:

Steph, it turns out, is the creator of Intragalactic, a comic that I shamefully hadn't heard of--shamefully because I love space travel humour strips. I've been letting my webcomic trawling slide quite disgracefully over the past year, actually. Anyhoo, the strip's about a futuristic ice cream truck...ship and its zany crew, led by captain Benjamin Glee, who despite the name is a woman. In fact, she's an almost dementedly brave, cheerfully oblivious woman who's packing some extra pounds.

I think you can see Ms. (Mrs.?) Cherrywell and I seem to be of one mind here.

The strip's absolutely hilarious, and the archives aren't too huge, so go read it right now!

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