Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Kids In The Hall: Death Comes to Town

It was...OK. It's possible that being a kid when KOTH was on the air has made it seem better than it was, so I don't know if that was disappointing or par for the course. The setup is intriguing--I'm a big fan of The League of Gentlemen, so it's cool to see that structure being imitated by the Kids. I liked some of the insane, random imagery, and it certainly warmed the cockles of my nostalgia, but I'd be lying if I said it had me rolling with laughter.

The best stuff was Mayor Bowman and his food-theft and his special son Rampop, plus the return of the two cops. Death is sort of interesting as a plot device, but comedically those scenes were way too broad and "zany". And there was a disappointing lack of McDonald/Foley action.

That said, there was still plenty of potential for something good, assuming that this episode suffered from having to set up the premise. And nostalgia aside, this did feel at least worthy of an average episode of KOTH--I know they've had worse, or more baffling, sketches.

By the way, you can watch it online here (at least, Canadians can--don't know about the rest of the world.)


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