Thursday, January 6, 2011

Plans for 2011

I know, I know...bad blogger.

There's two reasons I update this thing so rarely. One is that, when I get spare time between illustration commissions and whatever "real" job I happen to be working at the time, the priority is always going to be my comics. (That's Lemuria and Freak U. for those of you just now sneaking into the theater. The latter of which just came back, a day late, and the former of which will be returning this coming Monday, for the record. Hey, I might as well kick off the new year with some shilling!) The other is that I always feel like, if I'm going to blog, I want to do transcend links and "Hey, last night's Doctor Who sure was the ROXXOR"-type posts and do a real essay-type thing with pictures and gewgaws, like my epic Tintin post. And those take time and effort that I not only can't really spare, but a level of concentration that I don't have.

But I am going to make an attempt to do some more posts this year; I've got a couple of ideas for thematically linked series of posts, one on fantasy, and one on TV shows, which will hopefully help to generate new content. I'm also hoping to do more Bollblogging, and I'll be going back to reviewing comics for a certain major movie/pop culture site after the tragic failure of out column at (More about that next week.) Looking back--and this post sort of inadvertantly turned into a retrospective on this blog, didn't it?--I'm actually pretty proud of some of the writing I've done here over the past couple of years, so I say, it's time to get a little more serious about it...

Oh, and happy 2011!

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