Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Folding Maps

As I figured might possibly happen, today's Lemuria was cropped too big to fit comfortably on the page. I've added a link so that you can go to the enlarged image, though it seems that it's still coming out a bit smaller than I'd like, probably thanks to photobucket. Oh well, it's still legible if you look closely.

As I mentioned, this story was printed in black and white in The Blitz Comics Anthology, but this page wasn't included; I crammed most of that expository text onto the preceding page. I felt it needed a little something to ease us into the world of Lemuria, especially since the next page or two doesn't scream "fantasy comic". Also, I've always had a weird thing for drawing maps of make-believe places, ever since I was a kid. Ask my parents. They still have sheaves of doodles of Fantalandia and Dragonia stuffed away somewhere. A walking fire hazard generator, I was.

Many of the names on this map are significant, but I'll leave it to you to figure it out. Just know that I didn't create the concept of "Lemuria", and that there's a wealth of dopey new age literature on lost continents for me to draw on.

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