Sunday, May 3, 2009

Standing at the Gate, my Sandals on the Wrong Feet

And a big hearty welcome to anyone who may have come here as a result of my Free Comic Book Day giveaway! I'm Adam Prosser, cartoonist, writer and improvident lackwit, who's been casually wasting his time doing cartoons on the internet for the past seven years, and has recently decided to get really serious about wasting his time doing cartoons on the internet.

To that end, I've launched Lemuria, my all-new webcomic, which, if you are here as a result of the FCBD giveaway, you've already had a chance to have a look at in black and white. This story was already drawn as my contribution to The Blitz, an anthology comic published by The Durham Comics Guild, to which I belong. I'm revamping the art and colouring it, but otherwise it's ready to roll out, as you can see. This strip will be appearing thrice-weekly, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, for the next two weeks; then it'll drop to twice-weekly, Mondays and Fridays, until the end of the storyline. I'm thinking I'll take brief hiatuses between stores, of a week or two, just so that I don't fall too far behind.

But if you're new here, you should know that I've got a lot of other stuff, too! Check out my ongoing daily strip, Night Shift, which I've been doing on and off since 2001 (and which is also returning on Monday, May 11th). Then there's Freak U., my...let's call it an online series of graphic novels, which are a comic-booky nod to all those zany frat/college hijinks movies of the past--not so much Animal House and Porky's as Encino Man, Weird Science, Teen Wolf, Zapped, Frankenstein Goes to know, the ones with random SF and fantasy elements tacked on. I've already completed one OGN's worth of story, and even put it to print--you can buy the book right here. The second book is actually approaching completion, though at the time of this writing it's taking a hiatus to let me catch up with various things, and will be returning in mid-June. On top of that, I've got another comic, Critterville, which has one story so far and which I plan to produce more of by the end of the summer. It's a kid-friendly pastiche of those old funny animal cartoons, particularly the Disney comics of Carl Barks and Floyd Gottfredson.

If all this still isn't enough, I also have another blog called Fourth World Fridays...and Beyond. It began as a chance for me to muse on Kirby's Fourth World comics, which I am fascinated by, but I plan to return to it and do some other comics commentary. And on top of that, I do reviews for Thor's Comic Column at (the column used to be Rack Raids, where you can still read the updates every thursday).

So, now that you're thoroughly overwhelmed, come on in and make yourself comfortable. Hang out on the Forum or post comments on the main site or even on this very blog! The wonders of technology never cease, do they?

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