Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Fiery Shower of Pixels Storming the Shore of Your Eyeballs

Lemuria issue #1, all 32 pages of it (including some that aren't online), is now available for download at DriveThru Comics, in both PDF and CBZ format. The cost is a mere 75 cents...just like comics used to be back in the good old days, when there were only four colours and the paper was all yellowy and rough, the way God intended. So for those of you who've always wanted to read Lemuria while curled up around the fire with a snifter of port, you can now do so.

Also, there's a Very nice four-star review from featured reviewer Brian LeTendre, which is kind of amazing, since it went up within 8 hours of the PDF file being uploaded. Efficient!

I'm hoping to have more downloadable stuff up at that site before the year is out. Will I let you know? Oh dear heavens yes.

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