Thursday, November 5, 2009

Something Cool Is Coming...

...hopefully by early next week, or sooner. I'm going to start in with a series of downloadable comics, some of which will be tied to my existing strips, and some of which may be totally original. This is going to be through DriveThru Comics, in PDF and (hopefully) CBR formats, for a teensy fee--under 50 cents for the first two.

The first is going to be a downloadable version of Lemuria, issue #1, including pages that aren't on the internet yet. The second is going to be the bonus material from Freak U. Book One, which has so far only been available in print form; it's a history of Omega House detailing many of the members who have existed over the years (Yes, Kalinar is in there) since the frat was founded in the 50s. There'll also be bonus material, art 'n' pinups and maybe a short new comic. Freak U. fans should definitely grab this if you haven't picked up the print edition. (Which is still available, by the way.)

I've been wanting to tell spinoff tales of the earlier members of Freak U. for a while now, this may be the best venue for that. I have an idea for a story starring Kalinar, since he's proven to be a popular character, and there are other iterations of Omega House I'd like to write about (the '69 and '86 groups in particular).

On top of that, I think this is going to be the venue in which I produce more Critterville stories. It's been praised in a few corners of the net, and I've got a ton of ideas for the characters, moving the whole strip more in a Carl Barks action-adventure kind of direction. Consider that 12 page story a warmup and an introduction to the world.

And there's even more brewing, including a couple of potential collaborations with very talented artists.

So yeah...I'm not exactly taking it easy here.

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