Monday, November 9, 2009

I Want 15 Minutes of Internet Fame Every 15 Minutes

Hey whoa!

I kicked back this weekend and spent a goodish chunk of it reconnecting with "friends" and "family"--you know, those things that interfere with making webcomics. But before I took my little hiatus from cyberspace, I read Chris Sim's Invincible Super-Blog, as I do pretty much every day. I'm sure anyone reading this knows of Chris, and he doesn't need my pathetic pimpage, but he truly is one of the most hilarious and enthusastic comics bloggers around. There are a whole ton of great comics bloggers out there--I should probably do a post linking to my favourites--and many of them are intellectually invigorating and funny, there's a certain collective sense of grimness hanging over them, a despair at how far the noble comics medium has sunk. Chris, along with Bully The Little Stuffed Bull, provides the vital service of keeping the comics blogosphere fun and engaging, and quite possibly prevents most of us who are still devoted to comics from slitting our wrists.

Anyway, while I'm sometimes a bit shy about pimping my stuff elsewhere, when Chris posted this, it struck me as a perfect opportunity to link to The Archon, not expecting more than a nod or two. To my surprise, I got a bunch of glowing praise in the ISB thread and a ton of hits, leading to a post on Johanna Draper Carlson's Comics Worth Reading blog. Which is another really excellent blog that I do read a lot. Sheesh, maybe I won't make a new post, this one has plenty of links.

It's not like I set the internet on fire or anything, but it was really gratifying to see something I've done get that much attention. A lot of the time I feel like I'm labouring in the trenches a bit, not making much of a splash out there in the comics world, so even a little thing like this means a lot to me.

Enough narcissism. The long and the short of this is that I'd been mulling over doing another, similar project--also featuring Dan DeCarlo style vs.comic-book SF--and this has made me determined to do it. More to come...

though I do find it a bit depressing how many intelligent, engaged feminist comics bloggers are

Which also means, incidentally, that traffic on this forum probably spiked heavily this weekend, for whatever that's worth...

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